About the Urban Datastore

Cities can benefit hugely from intelligent use of data – but right now, urban data isn't being used to its full advantage by the right people. We're changing that

Why an Urban Datastore?

City data can be used to provide insights that encourage the creation of better products and services that make our urban environments healthier, safer, more efficient places to live. But many people just don’t know where to start.

It doesn’t help that many data stores are complex places, with little help for the inexperienced and a lack of clear explanation for those in the know.

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What they say

We wondered: how can city data be made more accessible and engaging?
So we went and asked people.

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The Dream

Things need to be shaken up. Data needs to be well chosen, easy to find and simple to use. The perfect urban data store would be:

  • Curated, bringing together the most powerful datasets
  • Put together with a consistent and intuitive methodology
  • Easy to understand and explore
  • Well documented with useful examples and helpful tutorials
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With Power to the People

All this needs to be built with a community of users in mind; one that can grow and help each other to learn new skills and share experiences.

So that they can all makes the most of big data – and never miss the good bits.

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Our Datastore

It’s easy to say all that —but we’re taking our recommendations seriously. The Urban Datastore is an attempt to make a site where data is open and accessible not just on a technical level but at a practical one, too.

Over the coming months, our data store will grow, with new datasets, examples and tutorials being added all the time.

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Go Explore

What are you waiting for? Go and explore our APIs, and once you’ve beaten us at our own game, why not let us know what you think of the Urban Datastore and send examples for us to showcase.

Because this data is only as good as what you do with it.

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Start developing with Urban Data

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